333 Cork Yoga Block

  • Premium Core Yoga Block – Designed to enhance poses, improve stretching, and increase strength and agility during workouts these firm yoga blocks offer true versatility in home or gym fitness.
  • High-Quality Cork Craftsmanship – We use a stronger, more durable cork square over plastic or foam to ensure a longer-lasting resilience even during sweaty dance, Yoga, or Pilates routines.
  • Stable, Well-Balanced Design – The rectangular shape, non-slip textured surface, and ergonomically-rounded edges give our yoga blocks for women and men better stability when stretching or posing.
  • Compact and Portable Size – At 9” x 6” x 4” these hard yoga blocks can be used in your living room, garage gym, CrossFit box, or even Yoga studio to give you more options wherever the workout.
  • Strong and Built To Last – Superior to standard cork blocks that flake, crumble, or chip when they get wet or sweaty our core yoga blocks last through every tough workout for long-lasting value.