333 Headstand Bench Inversion Trainer

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$64.95Sale Price
  • elieve Tension and Improve Balance – Headstand yoga benches are designed to help you decompress your neck, spine, and body while helping you improve strength, flexibility, and balance with customized workout and fitness plans.
  • Extended Handstand Benefits – Beyond simple fitness a Yoga inversion bench can help you improve circulation and digestion processes which can impact your weight management goals, metabolism, energy levels, and even cardiovascular health
  • Sturdy, Well-Balanced Wood Frame – A strong, solid H-shape wooden frame designed to hold up to 330 lbs. this supports inverted posing, stretching, and fitness to help you expand your Yoga, Pilates, or workout stability.
  • Premium PVC Leather Padding – Atop each headstand inversion bench is a 4-layer 2” thick supportive pad that helps cushion head, hands, and wrists to give you more stability and reduce tension on joints; ideal for beginner Yogis.
  • Space-Saving Ergonomic Design – Our yoga benches are a more manageable 24” x 15” x 15” size so you can comfortably use it at home, in a Yoga studio, or at the park. It’s also easy to stack, store, or dismantle for quick release handle screw.