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the LOGo

The triangle


a strong foundation,

stability and the

union of body,

mind & spirit.

The number 3

Represents growth & abundance on

the physical, emotional, mental, financial

& spiritual levels. 

The dot

represents the absolute state of Consciousness found in the symbol "om".

333 ys clean white.png


333 Yoga and its brand focus on providing meaningful
experiences, eclectic products and personal customer services to our surrounding community. The studio was designed to bring an overall sense of peace and relaxation, becoming your intimate getaway.


333 Yoga reinforces the spiritual aspect of your yoga practice. Once you’re able to restore, fortify and enjoy the relationship with the self and its truth, it becomes easier to connect and exchange with the world around You, allowing you to heal and thrive more fully.

For those in search of a space in which one can establish their own practice, the classes are personalized with different styles and methods, according to our community’s needs: We offer Vinyasa, Hatha, Bikram, Yin, Restorative, Kundalini, and meditation. All styles are guided by passionate teachers with the intention of detoxing your body & mind, releasing blockages from the inside out, all-inclusive of the practices from Eastern Yoga. Deepen your practice and awaken; feel the music and enjoy the visuals. We are here with you.


Carime Gervasio C A, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, graduated in Law, along with multiple diplomas in diverse areas of study, such as branding, creative arts, creative entrepreneurship, set production & design. Carime was vastly awakened in 2012 by her exploration of yoga and meditation. Thus, in 2016 she moved to California to complete her Yoga Teacher Training while pursuing her Master’s in Business Administration. Raised in an outspoken Arabic-Portuguese family, her mother, Monica Gervasio, a successful architect & designer, provided for Carime the example of an outstanding strong woman-in-action after whom she has patterned her life.


Carime had no choice but to incorporate all the education to which she had dedicated herself into proudly creating her personal parallel universe, branding it 333 Yoga. It is here and now in the ambiance of this unique and beautiful studio that Carime blossoms, grows, serves, inspires, unendingly creates, holds space and supports the minds, bodies and spirits of all humans.

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